MICE is our core business and we remain very passionate about it, every member of Leisure Corp has MICE embedded in their veins. For us MICE is like playing a sport and competing to win everytime we go out there to execute our next project .

We are in it because we believe we can do it and do it better than the others. We have pioneered the art of creating an INSPIRING AND REWARDING MICE EXPERIENCE.

We beileve in Making Experiences Memorable.

We understand one basic thing that MICE is not just organising group travel and managing an event, MICE is an experience that we need to provide to the winner out there in the corporate world who has earned it, won it and not just paid for it . We are not an agency but a partner, an enabler for enhancing the performance to enable them achieve the desired results and play an important role as everyone who goes through our experience once wants to feel it over and over again. Our key clients who repeat business with us are a testimony to this experience .

Services we provide to make these expriences memorable are:

A ) Travel and Hospitality
  1. Conceptualising the rewarding experience for the corporates by offering our expert advise on designing the contest or the reward programme.
  2. Destination consultation and finalisation of destination for the next MICE programme
  3. Travel & Visa assistance
  4. Hotels - identification of the right hotels, meeting and assistance for execution
  5. Food & beverage assistance - identifying catering and menu needs and our on- board chef’s plan the rest.

B ) Event Production and Design .
  1. Identification of event locations and function venues such as castles, farms, convention centres, town halls and other exclusive sites
  2. Conceptualisation of themes, concept designs and set-up designs
  3. Event production and event set-ups
  4. Filming of events and creating candid AV’s
  5. Making of AV's
  6. Event scripts and content writing

C ) Artists & Entertainment

Lining up artists and providing cost effective option for all kinds of artists and speakers

  • Emcees
  • Filler Acts
  • Creative acts
  • Singers and entertainers
  • Laughter and stand up comedy
  • Motivation and business speakers
  • Theme acts

D ) Communication - Pre and Post Event

  • Mailers - EDMs
  • Banners
  • Collateral, if required

E ) Feedback